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The world is a big place and there are very many RV heater air conditioner options available. Do you know how to choose? Which elements are the most important?

In this article, we will focus on 5 considerations that affect RV heater air conditioner. They are performance, comfort, quality, appearance, environmental protection and energy efficiency.

An RV heater air conditioner is an air conditioning unit that is installed in an RV. It comes with a heating function in addition to cooling. This air conditioner in the video is a high-quality product from TKT HVAC. I will tell you more about its features.

1 Performance

First and foremost, when talking about air conditioners, the ability to cool and heat is paramount. This is what it exists for. This RV heater air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 13,640 BTUs (4kw) while the heating capacity is 6,820 BTUs (2kw). With practice, this cooling/heating capacity is enough for most areas. Does this meet your needs?

We have other RV air conditioners recommendations if you want a larger cooling capacity.

RV Heater Air Conditioner

2 Comfort

Secondly, RVs are usually a type of vehicle that is used while relaxing and enjoying. Therefore, comfort should be of particular concern to you. This RV heater air conditioner is exceptionally quiet. Even if there is a baby in the RVs, the cute baby will never be woken up by it. You can enjoy the comfortable cold air with your family without any worries. It will not disturb your rest and entertainment.

3 Quality

The third point is high quality. TKT HVAC was founded in 1998. We are a professional RV air conditioner manufacturer from China. We export our RV heater air conditioners to more than 100 countries and regions. It has experienced different areas of road conditions, weather conditions, and so on. We have experienced engineers. They continue to optimize the air conditioner parts and structure. After more than 20 years of polishing, it can easily cope with the challenges of various complex situations.

Besides, our products are provided with an 18-month after-sales guarantee. Therefore, you can choose us with confidence. We are also a supplier of air conditioners to Fortune 500 companies. They have very strict quality control.

Internal structure of RV air conditioner

The internal structure of the RV heater air conditioner is well-designed, well-crafted, compact and fine.

4 Appearance

The fourth point is the good-looking and high-end appearance. A good product, in addition to good performance, also needs to have a high value. The shell of this RV heater air conditioner has a high-quality frosted texture when you look closely. The frosted texture will make the product look more atmospheric, and it is not easy to get dirty. Even if you don't wipe it down often, it is more resistant to dirt than a regular shell.

RV Heater Air Conditioner

5 Environmental Protection and Energy Saving

Environmental Protection. Our air conditioners use R410A environmental protection refrigerant. There have been more and more unusual climate disasters in the past two years, and environmental protection is a matter of urgency. We hope that we can work together to protect the earth's environment. Protecting the earth is to protect ourselves.

Energy Saving. Our air conditioner has an intelligent control mode to realize the inverter effect. It can adjust the cooling effect by itself to reduce power loss. You can also use it at night when you sleep with confidence.

✔ RV Heater Air Conditioner Model

This air conditioner in the video is model TKT-40SD. In addition to this one, we also have a variety of solutions. For example, RV air conditioner with heat pump - 35Thin, under bench RV air conditioner with heat pump - 30UB, and so on.

TKT HVAC Busthermo: RV Heater Air Conditioner Manufacturer

TKT HVAC Busthermo is an RV air conditioner manufacturer from China. We have a wide range of RV air conditioning solutions. It is suitable for many kinds of RVs, trailers, vans, yachts, trucks and so on. The products are pure cooling and cooling-heating integrated.

rv air conditioner manufacturers

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