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Manufacturer for Van Air Conditioner, Bus AC, etc - Supplier to Fortune 500 TATA / BYD

TKT products stand out for their superior cooling capabilities, longer service life and affordable factory prices. This has earned us the trust and confidence of Fortune 500 partners, 85 regional agents, and large end customers. More and more companies are now choosing TKT as their preferred supplier of vehicle air conditioning.
Since 1998, TKT has been pioneering patented technologies and utilising top quality raw materials to produce bus air conditioners, including shuttle bus air conditioning, bus air conditioning units, coach air conditioning, electric bus air conditioners, city bus air conditioners, air conditioner for mini bus, bus aircon system, bus rear air conditioners and more.

Van Air Conditioner

Why Choose TKT Van Air Conditioner?

1. Top Material: copper tube core structure, high cooling efficiency and long life.
2. Core Patents: more than 20 years of technology accumulation.
3. Precision Technology: the core gap is reduced by 16%, improving performance, etc.
4. Strict Quality Inspection: air tightness test, rain test, vibration test, etc.

Van Air Conditioner

Product List

There are many types of TKT products. Welcome to contact us for expert advice or Email:md@tkt-hvac.com.

Bus Air Conditioner
Explore Bus Air Conditioner Series

✲ World Top 500 TATA / BYD Supplier

✲ OEM/ODM/Customized Available

✲ Factory Price, High-Quality!!

✲ Certifications: ISO 9001, IATF 16949, etc.

✲ Top Bus Air Conditioner Manufacturers / Suppliers

Application: AC for Electric Bus, Diesel Bus, Coach, etc.

Van Air Conditioning
Seats<28 Diesel Van Air Conditioning

Cooling Capacity: 14 KW/47K BTU

Heating is Optional

Compressor: XH22/Valeo TM21

Dimension: 1520*1100*174 mm

Product Model: 140V

Wonderful cases: Below the list

Van Air Conditioner
Seats<18 Diesel Van Air Conditioner

Cooling Capacity: 12 KW/40K BTU

Heating is Optional

Compressor: DY7H15/SANDEN15

Dimension: 1010*974*194 mm

Product Model: 120V

Wonderful cases: Below the list

Van AC
Seats<9 Diesel Van AC

Cooling Capacity: 6 KW/20K BTU

Heating is Optional

Compressor: DY5H14/SANDEN5S14

Dimension: 745*780*160 mm

Product Model: 60V

Wonderful cases: Below the list

12v air conditioner for van
12V/24V Air Conditioner for Van/Mini Bus

Customized for T3 Climate (-7°C to +52°C)

Cooling Capacity: 5 KW (17050 BTU)

Voltage: DC12V / 24V / 48V / 72V / 96V

Application: Van AC, Truck AC, Tractor AC, Heavy Equipment AC, Caravan AC, Houseboat AC, etc.

Product Model: 50ER

Wonderful cases: Below the list

Case of Bus/Van Air Conditioner

As a leading Chinese bus air conditioner suppliers/manufacturer, TKT has been supplied to YUTONG, Golden Dragon, Yaxing, Ankai, Neoplan, Hengtong, Shenlong, Foton and Nanjing Golden Dragon ect main bus manufacturer in China, and also do OEM to TATA Motor, TATA Marcopolo, Daewoo, Isuzu, MAZ, INCARVEN, MODABUS, GET ect bus manufacturer in the world. Those rich experience and over 20 years of market verification prove that TKT air conditioner is trustworthy.

Van Air Conditioner

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Van Air Conditioner

TKT HVAC Overview

No.1 Bus Air Conditioner manufacturers/supplier in China! With 25 engineers with master and PhD degrees, 480 workers with 4-8 years of assembly experience, and 85 countries to provide you with perfect after-sales service. The main products have CE,  EMI/EMC certifications.

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