6M-7M Electric Bus AC

TKT-160E is an electric bus AC for 6M-8M electric buses. It requires DC280-750V battery drive.

✲ Cooling Capacity: 16 KW/54K BTU

✲ Heat Exchangers: Copper Tube and Aluminum Fin

✲ Quality Trusted by Fortune 500

✲ Competitive Price



TKT Electric Bus AC Overview

As an expert and leading manufacturer of Electric bus AC in China, TKT busthermo has been supplied to YUTONG, Golden Dragon, Yaxing, Ankai, Neoplan, Hengtong, Shenlong, Foton and Nanjing Golden Dragon ect main bus manufacturer in China, and also do OEM to TATA Motor, TATA Marcopolo, Daewoo, Isuzu, MAZ, INCARVEN, MODABUS, GET ect bus manufacturer in the world. Those rich experience and over 20 years of market verification prove that TKT air conditioner is trustworthy.

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TKT is BYD-Olectra Electric Bus AC Supplier

Electric Bus AC Advantages:

✔ High Cooling: TKT HVAC patented system design ensures that the bus stays cool even in tropical climates, providing super cooling for extreme conditions.
✔ High Durability: Uses branded components and copper tube aluminum fin to maintain performance and stability, guaranteeing lifetime.
✔ Environmentally Friendly: Utilizes eco-friendly materials and refrigerants to minimize environmental impact.
✔ Energy Saving: Adopts energy-saving components and optimized layout to ensure cooling effect while reducing energy consumption.
✔ Fresh Air Available: Provides fresh air options for better passenger comfort.
OEM/Customized Systems: Accepts OEM/customized system requests to meet specific requirements.

Bus Air Conditioner

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Electric Bus AC 160E Specification Table

Model TKT-160E
Cooling 16 KW (54K BTU)
Heating Heating is Optional
Control way Digital control panel + CAN Control(optional)
Application 6M-7M EV Bus
Refrigerant R134A
Compressor Voltage/Power Supply DC280-750 V
Control Voltage/Power Supply DC24 V/8 A
Electric Bus AC Compressor Electric compressor(42 cc/r)
Condenser Coil type Copper Tube and Aluminum Fin Structure
Fan Air Volume 3600 m³/h (2 Fans) (3 fans is available, based on clients need)
Evaporator Coil type Copper Tube and Aluminum Fin Structure
Fan Air Volume 7200 m³/h (4 Fans)
Dimension 2700*1630*195 mm

Electric Bus AC Projects

The leading bus air conditioner manufacturer in China! TKT has a team of 135 engineers. They include design engineers, structural engineers, electrical engineers, test engineers, etc. They have complete design, development, and testing capabilities for commercial vehicle air conditioners and components.

Bus Air conditioner

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Electric Bus AC Certifications

TKT HVAC was founded in 1998. So far, it has obtained many quality certificates such as ISO9001:2015, IATF16969:2016, CE, EMI/EMC, etc. And owns more than 100 related patents.

TKT Diesel Bus HVAC Systems

Learn More About TKT and Certifications

Strict & Perfect Inspection

EMC Electromagnetic Test, Pipe Airtightness Testing, Core Airtightness Testing, Drenching Test, Vibration Test, Finished Product Testing. (Click here to view Electric Bus AC quality Inspection details)

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Welcome to be Our Customers / Partners / Dealers:

You will get the following benefits.
1. Longer lifespan: more than 30% longer than low-end air conditioners
2. More stable operation: 45 degree outdoor temperature still stable operation
3. Factory sourced pricing
4. Customized OEM service
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1. Why Choose us?
A. Reliable quality and competitive Price
B: Professional and well trained sales, and Technical support
C: Flexible payment terms

2. What is your Warranty Policy?
Firstly, we provide 18 months warranty from the date of delivery. Free spare parts will be provided if the parts defective for quality reason during the warranty period. But videos and fault description will be need for engineer double check first! Damage or defective caused by improper use not covered by warranty.

3. Are these products in stock? How long is the lead time?
Normally, the lead time is around 1 weeks for small order, for large quantity order please check with sales directly.

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