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This article introduces in detail the components of bus aircon and the working principles of each part. I try to make the content of the article easy to understand. I believe you will gain a lot from reading this article carefully.

There are three main benefits of the roof mounted bus air conditioning system.

1. Higher space utilization: Installing the air conditioning on the roof can make full use of the external space of the bus. In this way, the bus can carry more passengers, more seats, and a better experience.

2. Better heat dissipation: Installing the air conditioning on the roof of the bus can make full use of air convection. Improve the heat dissipation effect and ensure the efficiency and stability of the air conditioning system.

3. More convenient installation and maintenance: Installing the air conditioning on the roof is easy to lay and fix pipes. In addition, the roof position is also easier to access when performing maintenance or repairs.

roof mounted bus air conditioning system

A complete bus air conditioning system is composed of multiple parts. The bus aircon parts include a compressor, electromagnetic clutch, condenser, liquid reservoir, filter dryer, solenoid valve, expansion valve, evaporator, and fan.

I'll go into detail on each parts individually. The combination of their functions is the working principle of bus aircon.

bus air conditioning system diagram

bus air conditioning system diagram

Parts details - How does a bus aircon system work?

✔ Bus Air Conditioning Compressor

Function: Inhale refrigerant in gaseous form and then compress it. The compression process will increase the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant and turn it into a high-pressure and high-temperature gas form.

Bus AC Electromagnetic Clutch

Electromagnetic Clutch

Function: Receive electrical signals from the bus aircon control system to control the start and stop of the compressor.

Bus Air Conditioning Condenser

bus air conditioner condenser

Function: Heat exchanges the high-temperature and high-pressure gaseous refrigerant discharged from the compressor with the surrounding environment (usually air or water), and releases heat to the environment. After the heat exchange, the refrigerant cools down and condenses into a liquid state.

Bus AC Reservoir


Function: Store liquid refrigerant. It is used to compensate for changes in refrigerant flow caused by changes in operating conditions in the air conditioning system. Changes in operating conditions such as start-up, storage and cooling phases after thawing.

Bus AC Filter Drier

Filter Drier

Function: Remove moisture and impurities from refrigerant. Effectively prevent them from causing damage to various components and extend their service life.

Bus AC Electromagnetic Valve

Electromagnetic Valve

Function: Control the flow of refrigerant in the air conditioning system. Specifically, it can interrupt or allow refrigerant flow to the evaporator by closing or opening it.

Bus AC Expansion Valve

Expansion Valve

Function: It automatically adjusts the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator according to the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant at the evaporator outlet. It ensures that the refrigerant in the evaporator can fully evaporate.

Bus Aircon Evaporator

bus air conditioner evaporator

Function: Liquid refrigerant evaporates in the evaporator. The heat required for evaporation comes from the surrounding air. This allows the air to be cooled before entering the bus.

Bus Aircon Fan

Evaporator Fan Function: Inhales the cooled air from the evaporator and blows it into the interior of the bus to provide a cool environment for passengers.

Condenser Fan Function: Heat dissipation. When the gaseous refrigerant passes through the condenser, it emits a large amount of heat. The high-speed rotation of the fan introduces air for cooling. Eventually the refrigerant changes from gas to liquid.

✔ Bus Aircon Refrigerant

Our bus aircon refrigerants use R134A and R407C. They are widely used environmentally friendly refrigerants. They are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and have good cooling effect.

Bus air conditioning is mainly divided into two categories. They are electric bus aircon and traditional fuel bus aircon. They are suitable for different aircon bus due to their different power sources.

Electric bus aircon can only be installed on pure electric buses. This type of aircon requires a very high voltage to operate. Usually between 280v-750v. Such voltage requirements can only be met by the power batteries of pure electric buses. But this kind of aircon bus is very environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and the noise is relatively low. The ride experience brought to passengers is very good. New aircon buses like TATA Motors all use aircon like this. Click to browse project cooperation stories.

Traditional fuel bus air conditioner is installed on diesel buses. This type of aircon has wider applicability. There is no need to consider the voltage range. Just choose the appropriate cooling capacity according to the length of the bus. Then connect the bus's engine and bus aircon compressor through a belt. When the aircon needs to be operated, the bus engine can drive the aircon to work. The cooling capacity of this aircon is also very good. The riding experience on fuel aircon bus is also very good now.

Our brand is TKT HVAC. We were established in 1998. It is China's leading bus air conditioner manufacturers. In the field of electric buses, we are the top 3 suppliers in China. Important international partners include TATA Motors, Olectra, Switch Mobility, Marcopolo, etc.

We have experience in OEM cooperation with Fortune 500 companies. We are a reliable bus air conditioner suppliers. If you need to purchase bus aircon system and bus aircon parts. Welcome to leave a message to inquire about bus air conditioner price. The larger the purchase quantity, the more favorable the price.


If you need to see more complete bus air conditioning system pdf. Welcome to contact our sales. They will send beautiful materials to your email.


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