BYD K9 Project: EV Battery Cooling System Combined with Bus A/C


This project is a cooperative development project reached between TKT HVAC and BYD in 2023. This project is an innovative design that integrates EV battery cooling system and electric bus air conditioning. It's called an AC combine chiller.

Project background: We have already had in-depth OEM cooperation with BYD on electric bus air conditioning. BYD is very satisfied with the cooling capacity, technical strength, service and delivery cycle of our bus air conditioners. Because they trusted our technical capabilities, they entrusted us with this difficult development project again. If the research is successful, it will further enhance the competitiveness of BYD electric buses in the market. The red BYD k9 electric bus in the picture uses our company AC combine chiller. This system perfectly combines EV battery cooling system with electric bus air conditioning. This innovation not only improves cooling efficiency, but also reduces energy consumption and equipment space occupation. It has made outstanding contributions to improving BYD k9 electric bus performance and reducing costs.

What is an AC Combine Chiller? AC Combine Chiller integrates the functions of EV battery cooling system and electric bus air conditioning. In contrast, the traditional solution is to use two independent cooling systems. Each system has its own electric compressor, condenser and other components.

EV battery cooling system

EV battery cooling system requires lower cooling capacity, so the performance of the compressor used in the traditional system is weaker than that of the electric bus air conditioning compressor. This can reduce battery cooling equipment costs. After a long period of research and experimentation, TKT busthermo team of engineers successfully integrated two separate systems. In AC combine chiller, they can share many components, such as more advanced electric compressors. This breakthrough technology not only improves the cooling effect, but also effectively reduces the energy consumption and cost of the cooling system.

In terms of the battery cooling system effect of electric vehicles, the new equipment achieves precise control of battery temperature at 0.5°C. This ensures the stable operation of the BYD k9 electric bus power battery and further improves the safety and reliability of the bus. In terms of the air conditioning effect of electric bus, the new equipment is as stable and efficient in cooling as ever, ensuring a comfortable travel experience for passengers. Secondly, due to the perfect combination of the two systems, additional equipment footprint is reduced. With the extra space, you can choose to install more batteries to increase the driving range. The reduced space also reduces the weight of the vehicle and reduces energy consumption, further improving the market competitiveness of BYD k9 electric bus.

EV battery cooling system

No new device or system will be perfect the first time it appears. In order to achieve stable operation of the AC combine chiller, TKT busthermo engineers achieved 100% normal operation in the factory through repeated vehicle situation signal simulations, frequency and speed debugging, etc. Even so, problems still arose after shipping to India. But don't be afraid. TKT HVAC provides complete after-sales service. After the problem occurred, TKT entire engineering team was on duty and conducted video and voice communication with the BYD team. With excellent diagnosis and debugging capabilities, the problem was discovered. After the upgrade of the control system module, the low-voltage alarm problem in India was perfectly solved. Afterwards, the engineers also organized a reflection discussion and speculated that the pressure changes caused by different temperatures in the testing environment.

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The successful development and smooth application of the AC combine chiller system fully demonstrates the superb technology and unremitting efforts of TKT HVAC engineers. Relying on their excellent technical capabilities and after countless days and nights of research and testing, they finally successfully developed this equipment. This contributes to environmentally friendly travel and sustainable development. This innovative achievement will undoubtedly open a new chapter in the development of electric buses.

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