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As the name suggests, parking air conditioner refers to an air conditioner that can still run when the vehicle is parked, providing the driver with a comfortable rest environment. It is an electric air conditioner. It runs on the DC power supply of the vehicle battery and regulates and controls the temperature, humidity, flow rate and other parameters of the vehicle environment. According to the voltage of the vehicle battery, it is divided into 12v parking air conditioner and 24v parking air conditioner. It is also known as parking cooler.

Parking Air Conditioner

They are usually used on trucks, RVs, vans, agricultural machinery, and construction machinery. The parking AC mainly consists of a condenser, evaporator, electronic control system, compressor, fan and piping system. In addition, because the roof conditions of different commercial vehicles are different. Therefore, they are divided into rooftop air conditioner and split air conditioner according to the installation location.

parking Air Conditioner

The calculation of this involves some electrical knowledge. Let me first briefly introduce the basic concepts.
Battery capacity (Ah): The amount of current provided by the battery in 1 hour.
Battery energy (Wh): The total energy that the battery can provide, calculation formula: battery energy = battery capacity * battery voltage.
Power (W): The rate at which work is completed or energy is transferred per unit time. Calculation formula: Power = Current * Voltage.
Therefore, the running time of the parking air conditioner is calculated by: time = (battery capacity * battery voltage) / air conditioner power.


Now we start to calculate the usage time of TKT truck parking air conditioner. Taking our hot selling air conditioner as an example, the maximum compressor power is 860w, the evaporator is 144w, and the condensing fan is 120w. The highest total power is 1124w. The diesel heavy truck batteries I learned are usually 24v, 200ah. Suppose we take this as an example, (200*24)/1124=4.27. It's about 4 hours and 18 minutes. This is the running time under the highest load condition. TKT parking air conditioner is a variable frequency air conditioner with smart energy saving function. Therefore, the actual usage time is much longer than this time.
If you want to ensure 8 hours of use time a night, I have 2 suggestions. Option 1: Reduce the wind speed, select a reasonable air conditioner temperature, reduce the operating power of the air conditioner, and extend the operating time. Option 2, add an battery.

Parking Air Conditioner

TKT parking AC - 20ERT

1. Sufficient Cooling for Tropical Climate;

2. Lower Power Consumption to Reducing Addition Battery Cost;

3. ZERO Fuel Cost, Saving at Least 3000 Dollar Per Year;

4. Less Installation Experience Required, Less Installation Cost;

5. 12-15 Years System Life Time;

6. OEM/Customized Acceptable;

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Parking Air Conditioner manufacturers

TKT HVAC is one of the top 3 parking air conditioner manufacturers in China. Founded in 1998, it has more than 20 years of design and manufacturing experience. TKT truck air conditioner stands out for its superior cooling capacity, longer service life, and affordable truck air conditioner prices. This has earned us the trust and confidence of Fortune 500 partners, 85 regional agents, and large end customers.

On the highway in the scorching sun, truck driver Catherine was driving a heavy truck loaded with cargo toward her destination. The temperature inside the truck continued to rise, sweat soaked her shirt, and the heat wave made her feel suffocated and exhausted. Every long journey is a test of physical strength and endurance, and the harsh driving environment makes it even worse.

However, everything has changed dramatically since Catherine's truck was equipped with TKT HVAC's advanced parking air conditioning system. She no longer has to struggle in a hot compartment, nor does she have to waste precious transportation time due to frequent stops and breaks.

"The air conditioner from TKT HVAC is really my savior!" Catherine said with emotion. Now, she can focus on driving in a cool and comfortable environment, and her work efficiency has been greatly improved. Whether it's hot summer or cold winter, TKT HVAC's air conditioner can provide her with a constant temperature and comfortable environment, allowing her to always maintain the best condition during long-distance driving.

Not only that, Catherine found that her quality of life also improved significantly. In the past, she was exhausted every time she finished a day's work, but now she can enjoy a moment of peace and comfort after work. She began to look forward to every journey, because it not only meant the beginning of work, but also a comfortable driving experience.

TKT HVAC's truck air conditioner not only changed Catherine's working environment, but also ignited her passion for life. In this challenging industry, TKT HVAC uses technology to bring a touch of coolness and care to truck drivers, allowing them to go further and more comfortably on the road to pursuing their dreams.

truck rv parking

Of course, parking air conditioner is specifically designed to be used while the vehicle is parked. When a commercial vehicle is parked, the engine stalls and is unable to provide power. At this time, the parking air conditioner uses electricity to drive the compressor to operate to achieve the cooling effect. The power supply of this kind of air conditioner generally comes from the vehicle battery or external power supply. The specific use method depends on the battery power and the situation of the parking location.
This kind of air conditioner has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection. It is driven by electricity and does not consume diesel. Not only does it not cause environmental pollution, it also saves diesel costs. Parking air conditioners are now the first choice for truck air conditioners and RV air conditioners.

Since there is such a product as truck parking air conditioner, it means that its impact is not great. Just like when you use a mobile phone, the battery is within the normal wear and tear range. If you want to extend the battery life, try not to continue using it below 10%. If you need to use it for a long time, it is recommended to appropriately reduce the air volume and set a reasonable temperature. This can reduce the power of the parking AC, increase the use time, and prevent the battery from reaching a state below 10%. Or install a new battery depending on the length of parking.



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