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Big Cooling: The 17050 BTU Food Truck Air Conditioner


5 KW Big Cooling Capacity, Really Cool!

5 KW (17050 BTU) Truck Air Conditioner is an electric/battery powered air conditioner that is designed for extreme heat (Customized for T3 Climate), providing driver comfort when the engine is off, consuming no fuel and producing no emissions, so it is also called parking air conditioner. Now it has been upgraded to 3.0.

food truck air conditioner

It is mainly suitable for vehicles such as Truck Air Conditioner, Food Truck Air Conditioner, Van Air Conditioner, Tractor Air Conditioner, Mining Machine Air Conditioner, Motor Home Air Conditioner, Caravan Air Conditioner, Houseboat Air Conditioner, etc.

food truck air conditioner

TKT HVAC Truck Air Conditioner Exclusive Advantages

1. Exclusive patented design of condenser coil structure, known as the "highest heat exchange efficiency" design in China.
2. Zero CO2 emission and zero fuel consumption help drivers to reduce cost.
3. Higher cooling degree to meet the cooling requirements of extremely hot areas.
4. Longer life with high quality copper tubes and aluminum fins.
5. Easy installation, save a lot of installation cost.
6. 18 months free warranty for the whole machine.


Food Truck Air Conditioner - 50ER 3.0

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Food Truck Air Conditioner - 50ES 3.0

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50ER/50ES Specification Table

Model No.TKT-50ER 3.0TKT-50ES 3.0
StructureRoof Top ModelSplit Model
Cooling Capacity5000 W/17050 BTU5000 W/17050 BTU
CompressorElectrical 26ccElectrical 26cc
VoltageDC12 V/24 VDC12 V/24 V
RefrigerantR134A, 600gR134A, 600g
Dimension700*750*205 mm (L*W*H)728*522*200 mm (L*W*H)
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Established in 1998, TKT HVAC is the leading manufacturer of commercial vehicle air conditioners in China! With 25 engineers with master and doctorate degrees, 480 workers with 4-8 years of assembly experience, and 85 countries to provide you with perfect after-sales service. With more than 210 patents and CE, EMI/EMC certifications for major products.

food truck air conditioner

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1. Longer lifespan: more than 30% longer than low-end air conditioners
2. More stable operation: 45 degree outdoor temperature still stable operation
3. Factory sourced pricing
4. Customized OEM service
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