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New E-Bus A/C Combine Chiller (E-Bus A/C and BTMS)


The integration of battery thermal management system (BTMS) and bus air conditioning is an intelligent innovation. This is thanks to the hard research of TKT engineers. In a later article, I will call this integrated system the EV thermal management system. Some regional customers also call it Air Conditioning Combine Chiller. Its emergence will bring many benefits.

ev thermal management system

First, let me briefly introduce two independent products.

What is electric bus air conditioner? It mainly serves passengers. Cool down passengers and ensure a comfortable ride. It is one of the main power-consuming equipment of electric buses. Therefore, reducing the energy consumption of electric bus air conditioners and improving the efficiency of electric bus air conditioners can significantly improve the competitiveness of electric buses.

What is a battery thermal management system? It mainly serves the power battery of electric vehicles. Through cooling or heating (TKT use liquid cooling), the battery is ensured to work within a suitable temperature range, thereby improving the efficiency, lifespan and safety of the battery. As the power source of electric buses, the efficiency of power batteries determines the competitiveness of electric buses.

First of all, this integrated system improves cooling efficiency and reduces energy waste. One system can complete the cooling of two important areas. It can ensure that the battery works within the most suitable temperature range and extend the life of the battery. At the same time, it provides the required cooling and heating to the interior of the bus. Such an EV thermal management system means longer battery range, more reliable performance, and a better passenger experience.

In addition, integrating BTMS and bus air conditioning can reduce system complexity. The integrated design reduces the number of parts and improves the reliability of the entire system. This design also reduces maintenance costs and the probability of operating system errors. Overall, it reduces manufacturing costs, making electric buses more competitive.

In summary, EV thermal management system (A/C Combine Chiller) brings higher efficiency, lower cost and better passenger experience to electric buses. This system will be one of the important components in the future passenger vehicle transportation system. We will also continue to work hard to promote the development of electric buses.

The development of this Bus A/C Combine Chiller system mainly stems from the cooperation with BYD (BYD, a Fortune 500 company and a famous vehicle manufacturer). The first cooperation project between TKT and BYD is pure electric bus air conditioning. TKT customized electric bus air conditioners for two new models of BYD. The customized air conditioners of these two new models are mainly improved on the basis of 260E and 420E.

ev bus air conditioner

After the successful cooperation, TKT's product strength, design capabilities, and manufacturing capabilities have been trusted by BYD, a Fortune 500 company. Therefore, the second cooperation was the research and development of this integrated system. We held multiple video conferences with each other to discuss technical details, confirm design ideas and plans, etc. TKT engineers have perfected all the details of this integrated system after many revisions to the design drawings and experimental simulations.

Subsequently, senior engineers and factory technical workers participated in the manufacturing process. They perfected the adjustment of assembly details, checked whether the control system was smooth, and tested the real cooling effect.

In the end, TKT relied on its strong strength to live up to expectations and complete this product innovation.

ev thermal management system
ev thermal management

E-Bus A/C Cooling Capacity: 42KW / 143K BTU

BTMS Cooling Capacity: 8KW (Heating optional)

Both Voltage: DC 240V ~ DC 750V

Application: Pure Electric Bus

Advantages: Customizable Cooling Capacity, Size

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