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This article details the following: What is a dc charger? How to choose DC charger? International customers visit factory. How Fast is DC Fast Charging? Can i install dc charger at home?

DC charger is an electronic charging device often used in daily life. It is mainly used for charging devices such as cell phones, tablets, and electric vehicles. This post discusses the DC charger for electric vehicles. It is one of the hottest topics and products in recent years.

DC chargers are capable of converting AC power from the grid to DC power quickly. The conversion of power relies heavily on the credit of components such as rectifiers and filters. After the conversion, the charger then provides the DC voltage and DC current to the power battery of the electric vehicle. DC charger is also known as "EV fast charger" because of their ability to charge quickly. If you want to know more about how the charging station works. Visit the article "How Do EV Charging Stations Work?"

The DC charger is the necessary infrastructure for the world popularity of electric vehicles, just like a gas station is for fuel vehicles. Now that the global greenhouse effect continues to intensify. The scale of electric vehicles is bound to continue to increase, so investing in DC charging stations has a broad market prospect.

TKT DC Charger

If you plan to buy DC chargers. You need to consider the battery information, charging speed, charging features, price, brand and other factors of electric vehicle. On the basis of weighing these factors, choose a charger that is reliable in quality and cost-effective. This way you can use it with peace of mind. Good technical support and after-sales service are also very important factors.

1. You need to know the local electric vehicle situation, such as electric vehicle battery energy and charging interface.

The charging interface of EV has 4 common standards: CCS1, CCS2, CHAdeMO, GBT, etc. TKT DC charger supports all interfaces and you can choose any two combinations. With this choice, the customer coverage is wider. If it is a Tesla car, the NACS of early cars can use a charging adapter to achieve fast charging. If it is the latest car, there are already connectors that support CCS1 and CCS2.

ev charger plug

2. You need to understand your installation lot is also the use of the scene.

Common types are, shopping centers, logistics fleet, bus fleet, highway service areas, hotels and so on. According to the actual scene, comprehensive judgment of the type of electric vehicle and the usual parking time.

For example, in shopping centers, people usually spend between 2-6 hours shopping in the mall. Their vehicles are usually private car type, and the battery energy is usually 15-60kwh. Let's take 60kwh as an example (without considering the electric energy conversion rate and EV charging limitation), the minimum parking time is 2 hours. This situation can choose 30kw DC charging station, enough to satisfy most users.

If it is a fleet of electric buses. This type of vehicle has a large battery energy, usually usually above 150kwh. It is recommended to choose the most powerful DC charger. a 30kw charger will take 5 hours to fill. 360kw charger will only take 25 minutes to fill. The quicker the charger fills up, the more frequent the trips can be. This will help maximize profits. The premise is that the electric bus can accept 360kw charging power.

ev charging station

3. DC Charger Functions

Safety Protection

The current and voltage of DC chargers are very high, and once an accident occurs, it can be fatal to people. Therefore, when choosing a charger, you must pay attention to whether it has several safety protection functions. DC chargers like ours take safety most seriously. From inside to outside, from hardware to software, it is designed with several protection functions. Such as over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, over-current protection, short circuit protection, battery anti-reverse connection, BMS independent safety protection, shell anti-electricity, plug insulation detection, leakage protection, self-test function of the control module, and immediate power off when the cable falls off.

ev chargers safety

Dynamic Load Balancing

The advanced DC charger adopts the dynamic load balancing function to intelligently distribute charging power. It will be adjusted in real time according to the situation of vehicles charging at the same time, so that the charging power is maximized. The old charger is static and evenly distributed, which will lead to the waste of charging power. I will show it through a graphic image.

Dynamic Load Balancing

Mode 1: When only one vehicle is charging, the charging power can be centralized and fully released.
Mode 2: When there are two vehicles charging at the same time, and both power levels are low, the system will evenly distribute 50% of the charging power each.
Mode 3: When there are two vehicles charging at the same time, but the remaining power of the two vehicles is different. The system will dynamically allocate the power according to the remaining power in order to realize a higher profit for the charging station.
Other Mode: when the maximum charging power of car A only supports 30kw, the charging power of car B can reach the power of 100%-30kw. It is more reasonable than the earlier charging station's average distribution.

TKT DC charger have many more advantageous features. To learn more, click on the article "DC EV Charger Manufacturers Advantages".

4. Price, Technical Support, After-sales

Smart you should know that no product can be the best in every detail. The DC charging station with too low price must have bad quality or performance or after-sale service. Don't blindly focus on the price only.
DC charger is a relatively expensive piece of equipment. It is also complex in terms of installation and power configuration. We recommend you to choose an experienced manufacturer who can provide strong support. TKT EV solution have over 10 years of manufacturing and support experience. We have a team of specialized engineers. They will provide video technical support to make sure everything goes smoothly with your installation and usage. This confidence we have. Please rest assured.

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TKT EV solution is a leading EV charger manufacturers in china. The factory is located in Luoyang, Henan Province. It covers an area of nearly 10,000 square meters. We have strong technical and manufacturing strength. The DC chargers are exported to dozens of countries all over the world.

Recently there are two sets of international customers visiting DC charger factory. They are Belarusian EV charger customer and Bangladesh EV charger customer. They both have the demand of big orders. Therefore, they attach great importance to the factory visit and the investigation of strength. To know the general small customers will not come to visit the factory in person to visit.

DC charging station customers
fast charging station

The speed of DC fast charging depends on the configuration of the EV battery and the power of the charger. Ideally, it can charge up to 80% in 30 minutes. To get a better visualization of the charging speed. I made the excel. I used 65kwh as an example. (If you don't know how to calculate, our experts can help you, please contact an expert)

Electric Vehicle Battery CapacityCharging SpeedTotal Time to Fully ChargeAverage Miles Gained Per Hour
65kwhLevel 1 speed: 3kw21.67h10.5mi / 16.8km
Level 2 speed: 7kw9.29h24.5mi / 39.2km
Level 2 speed: 11kw5.91h38.5mi / 61.6km
Level 2 speed: 22kw2.95h77mi / 123.2km
Level 3 speed: 180kw22min630mi / 1008km

Not suitable.
Reason 1, DC charger use three-phase, four-wire alternating current (AC 380V ±15%) for their input voltage. And the household voltage is usually 220v, which can't meet the input voltage requirement.
Reason 2, DC chargers are more expensive. For home use, it is very not worth it. For home electric car, you can charge it at night when you are sleeping. The minimum time is 7 hours. Using an AC charger is sufficient.


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