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DC fast charging technology is a technology that provides fast charging for electric vehicles. In DC fast charging station, the charging current is usually higher, which can replenish a large amount of power for electric vehicles in a short period of time. Like our 200kw DC Fast Charger, it can be filled to over 80% in less than 30 minutes. We are DC ev charger manufacturers, the price is very favorable Oh. Welcome to inquire.

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DC fast chargers include rectifiers and other power electronics in their structure. When AC power is input from the grid to a DC charging station, it first passes through a rectifier. The main function of the rectifier is to convert the incoming AC power into DC power. This conversion process is realized by the special design of the rectifier and the precise control of the electronic components.

In addition to the rectifier, the DC fast charger also contains other power electronic devices such as filters and voltage regulators. These devices further process the DC output from the rectifier They eliminate the clutter and instability from it and ensure that the output DC has a stable voltage and current.

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Ultimately, after processing by these internal electronic devices, the DC fast charging station is able to output DC power with stable voltage and current to directly charge the power battery of the electric vehicle. In this way, the fast charging effect is realized.

The answer is not all charging stations use DC power. In fact, charging stations can be categorized into two types: DC fast charging stations and AC charging stations. DC fast charging stations use direct current for charging and are characterized by fast and efficient charging (the principle has been explained above). On the other hand, the AC charging station outputs AC power, which needs to be converted from AC to DC through the EV's charger, so the charging speed is relatively slower, but it is less costly and suitable for regular charging at home and other places.

If you need to buy a DC charger, we recommend you to choose the DC ev charger manufacturers - TKT busthermo. 10 years of design and manufacturing experience, product quality is excellent.

Hot Selling Solution 1: Two Outlet DC Fast Charging Stations (80KW-200KW)

Hot Selling Solution 2: EU-Compliant DC Fast Charger (60KW-360KW)

Hot Selling Solution 3: Three Outlet Level 3 EV Charger (82KW-142KW)

It depends on the specific usage scenarios and needs. DC fast charging stations are suitable for occasions that require quick replenishment of power, such as highway service areas and large parking lots. It can solve the problem that customers do not have a long time to charge. Therefore this kind of customers are willing to pay a higher price. The investment cost of this kind of charging station is high and suitable for commercial investment. AC slow charging, on the other hand, is more suitable for charging in homes, offices and other places. Because of its slower charging speed, it needs to park and wait for a long time. But the equipment cost is lower.

The company was founded in 1998. At the beginning, we focused on the development and manufacture of automotive electric air conditioning and EV battery thermal management system. Along with the company's strength, we started to develop DC charging station, AC charging station, charging module and other products in 2010. Nowadays, we have obtained many quality certificates such as ISO9001:2015, IATF16969:2016, CE, etc., and have more than 100 related patents.TKT busthermo charging infrastructure equipment has corresponding products for charging power from 7kw to 420kw. They can easily solve the need for fast charging of electric buses, electric trucks, and electric cars.
We are a Fortune 500 supplier of DC charging stations. We have established long-term and active partnerships with listed companies such as BYD Auto, Tata Motors, Yutong Bus, Ningde Times and so on.

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