Three Outlet Level 3 EV Charger (82kW-142kW)

This Level 3 EV charger can charge up to 3 vehicles simultaneously and intelligently distributes power.

Connector Outlet: DC Charging Plug *2 and AC Plug *1

Communication Protocols: OCPP1.6J or OCPP2.0

Quality Certification: ISO9001, IATF16949, TUV, CE, ect.

Application: Highways, Urban Centers, Commercial Fleets, Public Transportation, Charging Stations, etc.


THREE-IN-ONE Level 3 EV Charger Overview

The most important feature of this level 3 EV charger is that it has 3 charging plug / outlets. This design can improve the utilization rate of the EV charging pile, which can realize charging 3 vehicle at the same time. It has 2 DC plug and 1 AC plug, and the charging power is reasonably distributed through the dynamic load balancing function.

Connector standard support options. CCS1 / CCS2 / CHAdeMO / GBT / J1772 Type 1 / Mennekes Type 2 / CHAdeMO Type 1.

TKT EV charging stations have a wide range of charging solutions. The products have been exported to more than 40 countries around the world. In particular, it has formed long-term and stable cooperative relationships with well-known companies such as BYD and Tata Motors.

dc charger connector
DC Charger Connector

Three Outlet Level 3 EV Charger Feature

1. Unique charging display and friendly human-machine interface, easy to operate.
2. Support wired / wireless network LAN, 4G.
3. Support online payment, smart monitoring, App charging and POS system.
4. Complete OCPP 1.6 and OCPP 2.0 upgradable.

Level 3 EV Charger

Level 3 EV Charger Manufacturers

TKT Level 3 EV Charger Advantages

1. Multiple Protection: comprehensive protection for vehicles, people and equipment.
2. Modular Design: Upgrading and maintenance are flexible and simple.
3. Fast Charging: For common electric vehicles, charging time only takes 30 to 60 minutes.
4. Dynamic Load Balancing: improve charging efficiency and charging pile utilization.
5. Advanced Management System: easy for customers to operate. Manager data is clear.
6. Hundreds of Patents: excellent quality, affordable price.

Learn more about the 6 advantages

Level 3 EV Charger advantages

Three Outlet Level 3 EV Charger Specification Table

Power 82kW
DC Fast Charger
DC Fast Charger
DC Fast Charger
Max Power of DC 1 30kW 60kW 60kW
Max Power of DC 2 30kW 30kW 60kW
Max Power of AC 22kW 22kW 22kW
Input Voltage 3-phase 400V/440V/480V+15% AC
Working Frequency 45-65Hz
Efficiency ≥94%
Power Factor ≥0.99
Screen Size 8” LCD Touchscreen (Maximum brightness above 800nit)
Network Connection 4G, Ethernet
OCPP1.6J or OCPP2.0
-30°C – +55°C
Charging Cable
IP Class IP55
Support Language Chinese, English, Russian, Other languages support customization
Certificate ISO9001, IATF16949, TUV, CE, IEC61851-1,IEC 62196-2, etc.
If you need other more detailed technical parameters of the product, please contact us.
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Level 3 EV Charger Projects

1. Charging solutions for large fleets
Common types include public transport, transportation and logistics industries. We have undertaken electric bus charging station in the USA, bus charging station in Canada, taxi car charging station in Australia, electric truck charging station in the UK, etc. Our Level 3 EV Charger has increased the frequency of vehicle trips by more than 20%.

DC Fast Charging Stations

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2. Charging Solutions for All Commercial Locations
With the popularity of electric vehicles, more and more business premises are in need of Level 3 EV Charger. For example, Office buildings charging stations, parking lot ev charging stations, ev charging stations for hotels, shopping mall charging station, gas station charger, etc. We have exported to more than 40 countries and regions including Thailand, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Germany, and France.

EV dc charger

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Level 3 EV charger Supplemental Basics

What is a level 3 ev charging station?

Level 3 EV charging stations, also known as DC fast chargers. It is a charging facility that uses DC fast charging technology. It usually uses a 480-volt DC power supply with a current of 100A or more and can fully charge an electric vehicle in less than 30 minutes.
Compared with Level 1 and Level 2 EV charging stations, Level 3 EV charger have higher charging power and faster charging speeds, and therefore require higher investment costs. The reason for the fast charging speed of Level 3 EV charging stations is that they use DC power, so they do not need to convert between AC and DC power, which reduces energy loss and charging time.

Why are Level 3 chargers so expensive?

Level 3 EV charger is typically more expensive than Level 1 and 2 chargers for several reasons:

1. Higher technical complexity: Level 3 chargers use DC fast charging technology, which is more complex than the AC charging technology used in Level 1 and 2 chargers. It requires higher technical requirements to achieve fast charging.

2. Higher material costs: Level 3 ev charging stations have higher voltages and currents and therefore require the use of higher quality materials to ensure performance and safety. These high quality materials increase the cost of the product, which leads to a higher price.

3. Market Demand and Positioning: Level 3 DC fast chargers are usually positioned as professional products, targeting a group of users who have higher requirements for charging speed and efficiency. Due to its fast and convenient charging service, it can save a lot of time for EV users and improve the utilization and efficiency of charging facilities. These users are usually willing to pay a higher price for better experience and service.

Therefore, the investment in Level 3 EV charger has great value in the long run.

Can all cars use Level 3 chargers?

All electric vehicles can use Level 3 charging stations, but they may not all be able to reach the maximum charging power. This depends on the customer’s specific vehicle model and the design of the battery system. In order to achieve the highest utilization of charging power at the level 3 EV charger. We incorporate dynamic load balancing technology. This allows the charging pile to intelligently allocate the charging speed of each vehicle to achieve the overall maximum charging speed.

How fast is Level 3 charging?

To get a better visualization of the charging speed. I will use a battery capacity of 65kwh electric vehicle as an example.
If it is charged at a level 1 charging station (3kw), it will take about 21.67 hours to fully charge.
If it is charged at a level 2 charging station (7kw), the time for a full charge is about 9.29 hours.
If it is charged at a level 3 charging station (60kw), the full charge time is about 1 hour.
+ Strict Pre-delivery Inspection

We attach great importance to product quality, and we will conduct up to 16 inspections again before each delivery. These include wiring and routing, insulation resistance checks, circuit breaker and emergency stop function checks, internal power supply DC checks, touch screen checks, thermistor checks, fan function checks, charging history checks, remote communication function checks, and more.

+ FAQS | Click for more

Q: Can any electric car use a fast or rapid charger?

A: You don’t need to worry about this since electric automobile manufacturers have built-in safety systems to prevent damage from frequent use of rapid or fast charging. For example, the rate of charge can be automatically lowered if the car thinks too much power is being supplied to the battery too often.

Q: How long does it take to charge an EV with a Level 3 DC fast charger?

A: Also known as DC fast charging, Level 3 charging is the fastest way to charge an EV. It’s able to deliver between 60 kW and 200 kW of power. A Level 3 DC fast charger can charge an electric car to 80 percent in between 15 and 60 minutes.

Q: What is your warranty for EV chargers?

A: Generally 2 years. If you have special requirements please get in touch with our customer service.

Q: Can you print our logo on the products?

A: Yes, we support OEM and ODM service, and there will be a MOQ for custom design.

Q: How long is the lead time?

A: The lead time is 30-45 working days, it depends on the quantity and production schedule.
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