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How Do EV Charging Stations Work?


EV Charging Stations Work Overview

In the context of the rapid development of electric vehicles, its supporting charging infrastructure technology has also developed rapidly. This article mainly introduces how the circuit and communication of the entire electric vehicle charging station work.

how do ev charging stations work

Schematic Diagram of How Do EV Charging Stations Work

Power Systems

The purpose of the entire power system is to transport electricity from the grid to charging stations to user vehicles. This requires the collaboration of multiple links to jointly create an excellent charging experience for users.

At the heart of this ecosystem is the electrical grid, which is the foundation for delivering the energy our electric vehicle world needs. Transformers are connected to the grid and ensure efficient voltage conversion, distributing the electricity to individual stations and then on to user vehicles. This process also includes how to cleverly place low-voltage distribution cabinets.

(The power grid is a whole composed of substations of various voltages and transmission and distribution lines in the power system. It includes three units of power transformation, power transmission, and power distribution. The task of the power grid is to transmit and distribute electric energy and change the voltage.)

(The low-voltage distribution cabinet is a complete electrical device with a rated voltage of AC 50Hz and a rated voltage of 380v. It has the characteristics of strong breaking capacity, good dynamic and thermal stability, flexible electrical solutions, and strong practicability. It is suitable for power, lighting and Electrical energy conversion and control for power distribution.)

How Do EV Charging Stations Work - Circuit Part

EV Charger Communication System

In this network, the electric vehicle charger is the most important component. It has become a key player in the transition to sustainable transport. These charging stations have the ecology of the Internet of Everything. They are the key link between electric vehicles and the energy grid. They utilize advanced technologies such as Ethernet switches and 4G connectivity, facilitating seamless communication and real-time monitoring of the charging process.

Safety and security are paramount in this interconnected system. Security cameras, smoke detectors and advanced surveillance systems provide constant monitoring to ensure the protection of vehicles and charging infrastructure. Additionally, cloud-based solutions and dedicated apps enable users to monitor their charging process remotely. This contributes to the health and efficiency of the entire network.

how do ev charging stations work

How Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Work - Communication Part

Suitable for Various Users

This evolving technology benefits both personal vehicles and commercial fleets. Trucks and buses are the most important parts of the transportation industry. They can greatly benefit from efficient charging solutions. As electric commercial vehicles grow, charging infrastructure must expand and adapt to meet industry demands.

TKT's chargers can be divided into AC chargers and DC chargers. The AC chargers converts AC power into DC power through the built-in on-board charger of the electric vehicle, which is suitable for slow charging. The scope of application is mainly residential areas, companies, commercial places, public parking lots, etc.

The DC charger has a built-in high-power DC charging module. It can directly convert AC power to DC power, which can then be quickly fed into the vehicle. It is suitable for fast charging. The scope of application is mainly highways, city centers, commercial fleets, public transportation, charging stations, etc.

how do ev charging stations work

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Green Future

An interactive ecosystem is created where grids, transformers, low-voltage switchboards, electric vehicle chargers, connectivity solutions, safety measures and cloud-based applications work together. This ecosystem lays an important foundation for the development of electric vehicles. In the future, these supporting facilities will become more and more important. It will power clean and efficient transportation and reduce carbon emissions. Let the earth have a greener tomorrow.

how do ev charging stations work

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