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High Quality DC EV Charger Video

The DC fast charger in this video is our high quality dc ev charger from TKT. It has a wide range of charging power, including 60KW / 90KW / 120KW / 150KW / 180KW / 200KW. It has two charging outlets. It can charge two electric vehicles at the same time. It is equipped with dynamic load balancing function. This function can intelligently adjust the charging power of two electric vehicles. This function maximizes the use of charging power.

It is high quality and premium for a reason. The first thing is its external configuration. It has a stronger sense of design. For example, the golden ratio of length and width, perfectly rounded curves, and high-grade shell material. Shell sheet metal is made of G60 corrosion-resistant hot-dip galvanized sheet and thickened aluminum-zinc-plated sheet. The spraying process adopts double-layer anti-corrosion spraying, which meets the QUALICOAT CLASS 1 standard.

DC Fast Charger

The inner configuration is stronger. From the interface standard, power supply standard, vehicle standard, communication standard, electrical equipment design, electromagnetic compatibility and other aspects, are selected to meet the EU standard parts. Finally, our high quality dc ev charger easily passed the EU CE certification.

In addition to the products mentioned above. We also have several different charging station solutions. For example, the super cost-effective solution Two Outlet DC Fast Charging Stations. There are also Three Outlet Level 3 EV Charger with more charging ports. There are also 30-60KW DC Wallbox Charger that do not require too much charging speed. With the R&D strength of our engineers, we also support to provide OEM customization service.

high quality dc ev charger

TKT was founded in 1998 and began developing and manufacturing electric air conditioners for commercial vehicles. Anytime the electric vehicle industry grows, the CEO is keenly aware of the market. After that, TKT quickly added the product lines of electric vehicle battery thermal management system and electric vehicle charger. In 2010, we started to develop DC charging station, AC charging station, charging module and other products. Now, we have obtained many quality certificates and patents such as ISO9001:2015, IATF16969:2016, CE and so on.

high quality dc ev charger
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