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Do you often need to transport frozen or fresh food, but are worried about the temperature of the vehicle box being cold enough? Do you want a truck refrigeration unit with excellent performance, easy installation and simple maintenance? This will make your transportation more worry-free and efficient! If your answer is yes, then you must check out TKT HVAC Busthermo truck refrigeration unit manufacturers. Please take a preliminary look at the truck refrigeration unit video.

TKT HVAC Busthermo truck refrigeration units have the following advantages:

1. Efficient and energy-saving: Busthermo truck refrigeration unit uses advanced compressors and fans, which can reach the set temperature in the shortest time, while saving fuel consumption and electricity, and reducing operating costs.
2. Convenient maintenance: Busthermo truck refrigeration units use world-renowned brand parts, ensuring the quality and life of the equipment, while also facilitating maintenance and replacement.
3. Intelligent control: Busthermo truck refrigeration unit is equipped with a digital controller that can monitor and adjust the temperature inside the cab in real time.

truck refrigeration unit manufacturers

Busthermo's truck refrigeration units are your best choice for transporting frozen or fresh food. If you would like to learn more about Busthermo truck refrigeration unit manufacturers, please click here.

About TKT Truck Refrigeration Unit Manufacturers

TKT HVAC is a truck refrigeration unit manufacturers, specializing in refrigeration systems for truck cargo boxes. Suitable for all sizes and types of trucks. Whether you are transporting ice cream, seafood, fruits, vegetables, or other foods that require cryogenic preservation. TKT HVAC Busthermo truck refrigeration units keep your food fresh and hygienic during transportation.

TKT refrigeration unit products are widely used in pure electric trucks/pure electric vans, fuel trucks/fuel vans. Truck refrigeration units are mainly divided into small truck refrigeration units, medium truck refrigeration units and large truck refrigeration units. According to the driving type of the refrigeration system, it can be divided into: truck engine direct-connected unit, AC220V/380V electric backup unit and diesel truck engine driven unit.

TKT HVAC was established in 1998. We have advanced R&D capabilities and technical teams, and are committed to continuous innovation and improvement of core competitiveness. We have obtained a number of important qualification certifications, including ISO9001, ISO14001 and TS16949 certification, to ensure our product quality and environmental management system.

Welcome to leave a message to consult the experts. We will recommend the most suitable product model based on your local temperature and vehicle conditions.

truck refrigeration unit manufacturers
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