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Custom BTMS Overview

Experiencing the global heat phenomenon in 2022 has made it more tangible to everyone that the global climate is heating up. This has forced us to pay more attention to the development of green business and clean energy. A major factor that has long plagued the development of electric buses and electric trucks is the limited driving range. Until there is a major breakthrough in battery technology, all we can do is to improve the power conversion rate of the battery. By increasing the conversion rate to bring out the highest performance of the battery. One of the most important factors affecting the power conversion rate is the battery operating temperature. The most effective solution to improve driving range without increasing the number of batteries is a custom battery thermal management system.
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Custom Battery Thermal Management System

Battery Thermal Management System Background

The process of battery discharge and transmission is inevitably accompanied by the generation of heat. Electric buses and electric trucks that want to travel longer distances must have more battery packs, and this generates more heat. Each component used in electric vehicles has its own temperature limit. When the temperature exceeds the limits of these devices, they can burn or even explode at any time. This would seriously compromise the safety of your vehicle and passengers, and would be a blow to your brand. In addition, batteries in a constant high-temperature environment can drastically reduce their service life. (Replacing the battery pack would be a significant expense.)

Custom Battery Thermal Management System

The battery thermal management system is commonly available with only cooling function. However, for certain low temperature regions and countries, the heating function is a must. Because the battery operating temperature is too low, the electrochemical reaction activity will be poor, the battery performance will be greatly discounted. Electric buses and electric trucks can easily drive much lower mileage, or even stop running outright. These years of winter Iphone automatic shutdown news, I believe there should be seen, right?
Keep reading, there are surprises at the end of the article.

Custom Battery Thermal Management System

Custom Battery Thermal Management System

Different electric bus and electric truck manufacturers will have different structures when designing their vehicles. For example, the length and height of the vehicle, the number of battery packs carried, the layout and size of each component in the chassis, etc. Since there are so many variations, only a customized battery thermal management system can maximize the battery performance and add more driving range.
Regarding BTMS customization, common customization directions include: cooling capacity, heating capacity, voltage, current, size and dimension, fixing method, air exhaust direction, CAN control system, etc.
Next, I will illustrate 3 customer cases to increase your understanding of customization.

Custom Battery Thermal Management System

Custom BTMS Cooling/Heating Capacity

Among the customers we have served, these manufacturers have designed their vehicles with different numbers of battery packs. Different battery counts, combined with the temperature in different countries, can result in very different battery heat generation. Fixed specifications will only result in substandard results or a waste of money. We offer custom cooling/heating capacity and our BTMS heat modules are optional, saving money in areas where they are not needed.
We can thoroughly customize the cooling/heating capacity required by our customers. Contact us now.

EV Battery Thermal Management principle

Custom BTMS Sizing

One of our large manufacturer customers in the US had already designed the chassis layout, so they were extremely strict about the dimensions. We had to design a smaller BTMS to meet the requirements within the specified dimensions. Through technical discussions and practical attempts by TKT senior engineers, the components were cleverly and rationally laid out to finally meet the customer's requirements.
In addition to the conventional way, we also try out a smaller size design idea, and welcome manufacturers who need to know more about it. Contact us now.

Custom BTMS Exhaust Direction

Another truck manufacturer customer, who was not as strict on the size, but their overall layout was already designed. The common BTMS vents are on top, but they already have the box designed. If they purchase a conventional BTMS, the air vents do not exhaust smoothly and operate less efficiently. In serious cases, there will be safety hazards.
TKT's senior engineer finally determined the side exhaust position and design solution through communication in several online meetings. The customer's problem was solved perfectly.
Note: A confidentiality agreement will be signed for customer information, technical requirements, etc. Please rest assured. Contact us now.

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For electric bus and electric truck manufacturers, we offer a limited number of free customizations.
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