Top 1 Manufacture of RV Air Conditioner in China!

Application: Caravan AC, RV AC, Van AC, Motorhome AC, Camper AC and Yachts AC etc.

✲ Top 1 Manufacture of RV A/C in China

✲ World Top 500 TATA Supplier

✲ Copper Tube Core for Long Life.

✲ ISO9001: 2015 Quality Control Certification

✲ OEM/ODM/Customized Available


The leading commercial vehicle air conditioner manufacturer in China! With 25 engineers with master and PhD degrees, 480 workers with 4-8 years of assembly experience, and 85 countries to provide you with perfect after-sales service. Over 210 patents and CE, EMI/EMC certifications for major products.


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Application Cooling
Voltage Installation
DC RV air conditioner Caravans AC,


Van AC,

Boat AC,

Motor homes AC,

Campers AC,

Yachts AC etc.

(Heating optional)
DC 12V/24V Roof Top 20ERT-DC
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30UB-DC 2.5KW DC 24V Under Bench 30UB-DC
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rv roof top air conditioner 4KW
(Heating optional)
AC 220V Roof Top 40SD-AC
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low profile rv air conditioner 4KW
(Heating optional)
AC 220V Roof Top 40THIN-AC
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under bench rv air conditioner 2.5KW
(Heating optional)
AC 220V Under Bench 30UB-AC
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PD700-914-03 700W DC 24V Portable PD700
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More RV Air Conditioner Cases

In the 24 years since we were founded, we have always insisted on using the best materials, for example, we insist on using copper tubes and aluminum plates so that we can maximize the stability of our air conditioners and avoid being unable to use them when the temperature is hot and suffering from the heat.
This series is specially designed for caravans, motorhomes, campers and yachts, using high quality imported compressors including RECHI, LG and Mitsubishi from Taiwan. Both the compressor and the control system are powered by electricity or batteries.
TKT RV&Caravan Air Conditioner exports to more than 85 countries and has sales and service centers.

Caravan Air Conditioner

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RV Air Conditioner Exclusive Advantages

1. Exclusive design of condenser coil structure with design patent.
2. Certified to various high standards in USA and Europe.
3. Meet the cooling requirements in extremely hot places.
4. Low noise and vibration.
5. Small size and light weight.
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Become our Customers / Partners / Dealers Now:

You will get the following benefits.
1. Longer lifespan: more than 30% longer than low-end air conditioners
2. More stable operation: 45 degree outdoor temperature still stable operation
3. Factory sourced pricing
4. Customized OEM service
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Strict & Perfect Inspection

EMC Electromagnetic Test

1, EMC Electromagnetic Test: also called electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), refers to the electronic products in the electromagnetic field interference size (EMI) and anti-interference ability (EMS) comprehensive assessment, is one of the most important indicators of product quality.

Pipe Airtightness Testing

2, Pipe Airtightness Testing: we will always carry out up to 12 hours of testing, in order to ensure that the air conditioning system pipeline all normal, no refrigerant leakage point.

Core Airtightness Testing

3, Core Airtightness Testing: the core is checked again before the installation of the bus air conditioner to ensure that there are no leak points. To ensure that customers receive the perfect product.

Drenching Test

4, Drenching Test: The products were subjected to a strict drenching test to ensure that they could withstand all kinds of bad weather.

Vibration Test

5, Vibration Test: The products were tested to simulate severe bumpy road conditions. Our products can withstand the extreme bumpy road conditions in India. 5 years later, they are still running stably.

Finished Product Testing

6, Finished Product Testing: experienced quality inspectors will complete as many as dozens of qualified tests before the bus air conditioner is officially shipped.

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