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What You Must Know About Electric Bus Air Conditioner



The main function of Electric Bus Air Conditioner system is to maintain the temperature, humidity, air cleanliness and air flow in the cabin in a comfortable state. The air conditioning system is the second most energy-consuming component of an electric bus. Opening of the air conditioning system generally reduces the driving range by 25% to 30%. Therefore, when developing electric buses, it is necessary to focus on optimizing the design of the supporting air conditioning system. This can reduce air conditioning consumption and increase the purpose of bus travel.


TKT Electric Bus Air Conditioner

Electric Bus Air Conditioner features

The electric air conditioner on an electric bus has the following main characteristics compared to an ordinary air conditioning system.
1, the electric air conditioning system is installed on a moving vehicle, to withstand violent and frequent vibrations and shocks, requiring that each part of the electric air conditioning device structure should have sufficient strength to resist vibration and shock and good system airtight performance.
2, most of the electric buses are short-distance commuters, the ride time is short, coupled with the number of people riding in the vehicle, the product of relatively more heat, the relative heat load, requiring air conditioning with fast cooling, cooling function.
3, electric air conditioners use the DC power provided by the power battery, electric compressor with high efficiency, high reliability of control and easy maintenance.
4, the bus body insulation effect is poor, and the glass area is large, aggravating heat radiation, while there are two passengers in front and behind the bus, opening high frequency, resulting in serious convection inside and outside the vehicle.
5, the bus facilities inside the uneven height and seats, airflow distribution organization difficulties, it is difficult to achieve uniform airflow distribution.

TKT's case of OEM for Fortune 500

TKT's case of OEM for Fortune 500

Electric Bus Air Conditioner Refrigeration cycle principle

In principle, the system is no different from ordinary air conditioners. However, for use in electric buses, a dual working chamber sliding vane compressor, DC brushless motor, and inverter control system have been specially developed.
The electric air conditioner for electric buses has the compressor, evaporator, condenser and other components all integrated in one. And there is also no high and low pressure pipe between it and the engine compartment, so it is easier to arrange compared with the air conditioning system on conventional fuel buses, which also usually adopts the overhead arrangement.

TKT bus air conditioner 3D design drawing

TKT bus air conditioner 3D design drawing

Electric Bus Air Conditioner arrangement scheme

The electric air conditioner of electric bus integrates components such as a compressor, evaporator, and condenser. It is easier to arrange than the air conditioning system on traditional fuel buses. According to the distribution of the load on the front and rear wheels, the length of the high and low pressure pipes, the arrangement of the control circuit and the location of the air outlet and return air outlet, and considering the relative positions of other equipment on the roof. The top-mounted type can be divided into front-mounted, middle-mounted and rear-mounted.

Cooperative bus body builder

Cooperative bus body builder

Important Information

TKT has been fully developing air conditioning equipment with pure electric drive technology since 2012, addressing in turn:

1, The vibration and shock resistance of each component in the pure electric system.
more rapid cooling and refrigeration functions.
2, Safety controllability for electric compressors.
3, Uniform and reasonable distribution of airflow.
4, Provide OEM service, for different types of buses, we provide customized service.
5, With rich OEM experience. We have OEM service with TATA, a world top 500 company, for hundreds of buses.


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