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TKT increased its research funding in 2012 and started to expand its commercial footprint. Increased research and production of equipment related to cooling systems for electric vehicles, including battery cooling systems, motor cooling systems, etc. As our technology advances and is upgraded, these cooling systems have a wider range of applications. For example, they can be used in fuel car engines, electric car motors, electric car batteries, etc.
Note: These are highly customisable devices and we support a full range of customisation services. This includes size, cooling capacity, fan orientation, etc.

food truck air conditioner

The Need for Motor Cooling System

Electric motors have a very high conversion efficiency of over 90%. Most of the electrical energy supplied to the motor is successfully converted into mechanical output. The remaining 10% or so is released as heat. Do not underestimate the 10% heat, when the power is high enough it is enough to cause parts of the motor material to soften, melt, etc., and thus stop running. In more serious cases, it can even lead to combustion. A professional cooling system for electric motors is therefore essential. It is designed to keep the motor at a stable and optimal temperature level.

TKT offers professional solutions and the technical team has extensive experience and a thorough understanding of the most advanced cooling methods and their advantages and disadvantages. A customised service is offered for large volume orders.

If you have a requirement in this area, please feel free to contact us by email ( or by leaving a message on the website.

Motor cooling system required

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