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TKT HVAC Website Upgrade – For a better experience


TKT HVAC Website Upgrade

TKT HVAC Website Upgrade

In order to provide a better browsing experience for our customers, our TKT HVAC website has been newly upgraded. The overall visual effect is more beautiful and the product categories are more concise.

We have newly created 4 more design-oriented main pictures, corresponding to our core business and advantages of TKT, including truck air conditioner, bus air conditioner, RV air conditioner, van air conditioner, and more professional Battery Thermal Management System.

We are one of the top 3 bus air conditioner manufacturers in China! Deeply engaged in the industry for more than 20 years, we have strong R&D capability and accumulated rich manufacturing and design capabilities.

We not only have quality assurance before the sale, but also have strong support after the sale, with 85 service locations worldwide.

TKT Upgrade : Clearer product categories

TKT Upgrade : Clearer product categories

We have designed the product categories to be more concise and intuitive. Whether the customer wants a clean electric drive or a traditional engine drive, the website presents them all very clearly.

When you move your mouse over, there will be corresponding model scenes to help you select products better. I believe you will have a very comfortable experience.

Of course, if you have special requirements, welcome to leave a message, we have more professional and responsible sales to serve you.

TKT Upgrade : Professional OEM&ODM

TKT Upgrade : Professional OEM&ODM

TKT, as the world leading manufacture of bus air conditioner, keeps an engineer team with 135 members, such as design engineer, structure engineer, electrical engineer, testing engineer, EMI/EMC engineer, after sales engineer ect., and has the complete ability of bus air conditioner and parts design, development, testing and certification.

At the same time, TKT has the national standard laboratory for bus air conditioner testing, which can simulate 60 Deg. C ambient temperature and sunlight, and can also do the vibration test in house.

Welcome to customize and win-win cooperation.

More diverse news

TKT Upgrade : More diverse news

This section is very helpful for you to know us, trust us and choose us. It contains real cooperation cases, company's development and changes, high definition pictures and wonderful videos.

We believe you will look forward to a bright future with us after you have watched it carefully.

Because it is a brand new upgrade, all the information is new, and we will fill more in the coming days.

More attentive service

TKT Upgrade : More attentive service

This section contains all the online and offline services we can provide, warranty and FAQS.

We have 61 undergraduate engineers providing 24-hour online service, all of them are professionally trained and know very well about the problems you may encounter with the product, and will surely assist you in solving the very small probability of product problems in the shortest possible time.

If you do accidentally encounter such a product problem, please don't be anxious, consider it an opportunity to experience our excellent service.

More about TKT

TKT Upgrade : More about TKT

This part contains the development history of the company, various certifications, patent certificates, team, partners, product suppliers.

We strongly recommend that you browse carefully so that you will get to know us better.

We have been using the best materials for over 20 years , because we know that the best service to our customers is to reduce after-sales.

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