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A rooftop bus air conditioner is an air conditioning system installed on a bus's roof. This is by far the most common type of bus air conditioner installation. Aside from that, there are also split air conditioners and rear air conditioners for bus air conditioners.

There are 2 main reasons for installing on the roof of a bus:

1, Improve bus space utilization: rooftop bus air conditioners install the air conditioner on top of the bus body so that it does not take up any space inside the bus. The interior space saved can increase the number of seats. The increase in the number of seats is conducive to improving the operating capacity of the bus and the comfort of the passengers. This is a very important factor.

2, Improve the heat exchange efficiency of rooftop bus air conditioners: the condensers of rooftop air conditioners are installed on the roof of the bus. This design facilitates the direct distribution of heat to the outside air. Faster heat dissipation can improve the air conditioner heat exchange efficiency. On the contrary, if heat builds up, the air conditioner must reduce the frequency and cooling capacity, or it will lead to accidents.

Rooftop Bus Air Conditioner

A bus air conditioner is a very complex air conditioning system. There are a lot of points you need to consider when purchasing one. If you want to know the details and considerations of selection in this area, click on one of my previous articles. I believe you will have a great harvest.

Of course, you can also leave your contact information directly and I will arrange an expert for you. He will recommend you a rooftop bus air conditioner that best suits your needs based on the condition of your bus and your local temperature.

rooftop bus air conditioner

Our brand name is TKT HVAC Solution.We are the top bus air conditioner manufacturer from China. We were founded in 1998, 26 years ago. We specialize in commercial vehicle cooling industry. We have very mature technology and rooftop bus air conditioner solutions. If you have any need in this area, please feel free to contact us.

In addition, we provide customized service. If you need us to cooperate with you to design the air conditioner for your new bus, our experienced engineers can surely solve your various requirements.

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